Embracing Intimacy: The Beauty of Small baltimore Weddings

Planning a small wedding ceremony provides an intimate and meaningful experience for couples, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—celebrating their love with those closest to them. The Davis' elected to have their wedding at Gramercy Mansion in Towson, Maryland. The the coupe wanted to keep the ceremony to family and loved ones but still have images so that they could remember the day by. YRN Photography was happy to assist with tis and here are some things that we learned/picked up through the day to help you along your journey.

Beautiful bride on sofa at Gramercy Mansion

Preparation is key

When planning your small wedding, it is important to have your preparation in order. You can easily book a photographer for 2 hours maximum and get everything that you need done. That can ever cover your preparation images. For this couple, I was able to come 45 mins before the ceremony was scheduled to start in order to get images of them both. We posed around the property and found some very cool places to get some unique looks as well.

Beautiful wedding ring image for Baltimore Wedding
Beaituful Baltimore Bride wedding image
Handsome groom preparation image.
Beautiful bride on steps at Gramercy Mansion

Simple Way to add video

Adding video does not have to be difficult. A good wedding photographer can easily add a camera in the back of the room to record the ceremony. That way, loved ones who cannot attend can watch and re-watch your wedding event for years to come. The Davis' elected to have a single camera in the rear of the venue in order to fully capture the wedding.

Family portraits are important

Celebrating these moments with your family and loved ones is just as important. Since your ceremony will not be that long, you can schedule your family portraits immediately after. With everyone close by, the entire session should take no more than 10 minutes which gives you more time for your formal images as a couple.

The formal images are everything

Now that you have all of the important things are done, you have the ability to take your formal images. At Gramercy Mansion you have a large grounds to access to take images in different locations. This will give a different feel for each image that you take. You will have memories to last for a lifetime.