Real Estate Photography Pricing

Pricing & Packages

The Standard

The standard package covers all of your primary real estate listing needs. We will capture the interior and exterior of the property to ensure it is ready for your listing. A dusk image is the chefs kiss to a perfect property session.


The Details

This package is for the realtor who needs a little more details in their listing. This includes (2) virtually staged images, and highlights great finishes, the home. Also a dusk image is included as well.


The Show

This is perfect for the realtor who really needs to go above and beyond within a listing. This package maxes out on photos, includes a walk-through video, and (5) virtual staging images as well. You will really put on a show within your listing.


Real Estate Add Ons

Dusk Image

A dusk image allows for your shot to appear like it is the evening and highlight additional home features.

Image Removal

Sometimes the property has items that need to be removed. From cars in the driveway, to items in the floor, things can be arranged and moved when needed.

Virtual Staging

Starting at $25 an image

potential buyers visualize what a space can be. Virtual staging allows realtors to save staging costs and create visuals for buyers.

Sample Gallery

Dusk Image Video

Turn your dusk image into a dusk image video. Catch the attention off potential clients and make your clients extremely happy by using this video.

Walk Through Video

Walk through video that allows you to showcase the house that you are currently listing with a voice over.

Property Contact FOrm

Baltimore real estate photo