How to plan the perfect Baltimore engagement session

Planning an engagement session can be exciting but also difficult. This article can help you so that you can have a session that you will not forget.

Here are a few steps to help you plan your engagement session

  1. Choose a date & time: Consider when you are looking to have your images produced. Typically people like to send out "Save the dates" 6-9 months before the wedding date (longer for destination weddings). Count for a minimum of 4 weeks for images to get back and retouches to be selected to ensure that you are not crunched for time. Also, your session should be early morning or late evening to avoid any harsh shadows in photos.
  2. Select your wedding photographer: Selecting a wedding photographer is important because they will be telling your story. The engagement session is a perfect time for you both to get to know one another and them to learn your style. Think of it as a trail period before the wedding. Communicate what you like and expect from the session so that you start off the relationship on a good foot.
  3. Plan your makeup: Plan your makeup session early! A good make up session will limit the number of retouches needed from your session. Depending on the time of year, you make need to invest in waterproof makeup especially when shooting in sometimes months.
  4. Plan out your outfit(s): Planning out your outfits is important. The outfits should be color coordinated and compliment one another. For ladies, a nice formal dress that flows and shows some leg is always a nice choice. Gentlemen, a navy or black suit is always a great starting point when it comes to outfits.
  5. Bring a love one to assist: Having a team is important. Someone that can help you with your hair, outfit, or even give you a pep talk during your session. Having that go to person to help can help your session go so much better.
  6. Drink tons of water before: Your session will have you moving around and doing a lot. Especially in the summer time where you do not realize how much water you will be losing during your session. Passing out is not an option so make sure you are hydrated.
  7. Get There early: Making sure that you are there early is important. Your nerves may be running high so you could want time to calm down and see the different places of your session before your photographer gets there.
  8. Have some fun: This is the first step towards your big day. Your emotions will show in your images so make sure that you are having fun so that people can see your personality come through your photos.