5 Tips for Real Estate Listing Photo Sessions

Best tips to prepare for your listing

Remove Personal Items From The Home

These items include family photos and school art projects. The idea is that people see themselves moving into the house when they examine the images.

Clear Off Surfaces

Whether it’s the kitchen, the bathrooms, or even the hutch in the front hall, remove those items. People like to understand the space they’re looking at, and having things on top of what they’re trying to imagine impedes the process.

Have a Deep Cleaning

Real estate photos are very detailed, and no one wants to get hung up on a smudge or dirty baseboard. Whether self-done or professional, a deep clean of all house areas is necessary. Don't forget the windows! They are important and will show in the photos!

Declutter Your Home

Whether it’s children’s toys in the living room or hobby projects in the garage, clutter stops people from seeing themselves moving in and living in the house. Packaging these items up and removing them will help the photos do their jobs.

Do A Once Over On Your Rooms

Model homes have neatly made beds, folded towels, straight rugs, and accent pillows galore. These models are great to imitate when preparing for the photographer’s arrival.