5 Elements to have an amazing branding shoot

Baltimore Branding Mini Session
Baltimore Branding Mini Session
Baltimore Branding Mini Session

Top 5 Elements that you should be considering

Plan What To Wear

It is best to have your outfits ready to go several days in advance.  Take plenty of time to try them on. Also this ensures that you do not forget anything the day of your shoot. I have had so many clients forget something as simple as a belt. Doing this in advance will alleviate stress as picture day approaches.

Make Sure You Are Well Rested

Go to bed early, if possible, the night before. Your session is going to be 30 mins and you will have to move quickly throughout the session. Being rested can help you respond quickly when needed.  A well-rested client is ready to rock out their photoshoot. 

Have a Vision

I love making the session enjoyable for your child.  Having a vision can help you be mentally prepared for the whole process. Creating a Pinterest Board is something that I recommend for my clients so that they can not only have an idea of outfits, and needed elements, but also poses that can be useful for their brand.

Be On Time

 I HIGHLY recommend coming 15 mins early before your session starts. With mini sessions, there is not a lot of time between shots. With that being said, being on time can ensure that you maximize the numbers of photos that you receive. In addition to that, you won't feel as rushed and can take in the moments of your photoshoot.

Bring Supporting Props

Bring props that represent your brand. While you won't have a lot of time to change outfits, having different props that are on hand can be useful. Here are some props that you could find to be beneficial

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