The STory

Interestingly enough, Tashawn & Andrew met on Facebook Dating! They were tired of taking chances on folks and coming up empty, so they were both prepared to retire the app and continue in their singleness... but God had other plans! Andrew came across Tashawn’s profile and sent the sweetest introductory message! It was respectful, kind, and complimentary, so she checked out his profile too. He had a few things written that intrigued her, so she decided to respond to his message. The initial conversations were great, but they differed on something that was important to her, so she respectfully declined investing time in dating. He, so smoothly, requested that they be friends and though she wasn't in the market for new friends, he seemed like a nice enough guy so she agreed. Here's where it got interesting! They talked every night for hours... like a whole work shift worth of hours EVERY DAY. It was clear that they both were really interested in each other, but Tashawn had no plans of moving out of the friend zone. Again, God had other plans. Almost daily, Andrew would say or do something that tied to a specific prayer Tashawn had prayed long ago. Eventually, he asked her out (See! He didn't want to JUST be friends lol) and after questioning him about their earlier issue, she agreed. A few days later, they had the BEST DATE EVER and the rest is history. Now, they’re getting ready to take the step to become husband and wife and they couldn't be more excited that you’re along for the journey!

The Smith Wedding

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