The STory

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The Groomsmen

Tulani Smith

(Matron of Honor)

With more than two decades under our belt, what started on the basketball court has turned into a friendship to last a lifetime. I am so grateful for Tulani. She’s always there to laugh, listen, and love. In times of need, she never fails to have a prayer, word of encouragement, or both. She’s seen me in some of my darkest moments and has loved me through them. She tells me the truth when I don’t necessarily want to hear it, but when I certainly need it. And she’s not above knocking me out if I start drifting too far off track. Taking this step into marriage without one of the people that inspires me the most wasn’t even a thought. I’ve always known she’d be by my side on this big day.

Kea Benjamin

(Maid of Honor)

Who would’ve thought the girl that I didn’t talk to in my college English class would turn out to be one of my best friends?! Kea and I have cried together, dreamed together, prayed together, and traveled together. She accepts my humanity and encourages me to grow spiritually. Not even seven thousand miles can separate us. She knows the difference between when I’m happy and when I’m faking the funk. And on the happiest day of my life, I have to have her next to me celebrating my answered prayer and the great thing God has done.



Courtesy of an 8th grade graduation trip, Ar’Lena has been my girl for over twenty years. We barely knew each other back then, but our friendship today is tried and true. We’ve talked each other off the ledge in our love lives, school lives, and everyday lives… because let’s be honest, life lifes really hard sometimes. We’ve also celebrated big wins together. Our chats last for hours and are always honest and meaningful. I had the honor of standing with her and celebrating her love story as she married her forever in 2019. There’s no question she’d be next to me when I say I do to mine!



Although we went to middle school together, this little firecracker and I didn’t connect until college where we had the opportunity to grow together in friendship and I’m so grateful we did. Ashlei is one of the most supportive and present people I know. She shows up for the good, the bad, the easy, and the hard. I appreciate the way she challenges and supports me to be my best self. She’s always #TeamTashawn and I never have to doubt that. She wants the best for me in everything. And now that I’m marrying the best man for me, I couldn’t imagine not having her there to stand with me as I say “I do.”

Tanesha Collins


Thirty-one years of friendship! Tanesha and I met in pre-K and we’ve never left each other's side. She’s wiped more of my tears and been willing to fight on my behalf more times than I can count. We’ve endured terrible losses and celebrated big wins together. Through it all we’ve held each other down. We listen to, and support each other, without judgement. There’s the family you’re born with and the family you get to choose… She’s definitely family that I’m glad I chose. We’ll be riding together until we can’t ride anymore. My wedding day wouldn’t be complete without her. 

Brittney Billups


Brittney has been rocking and rolling with me for over twenty years… closer to thirty! We met as neighbors and became more like sisters than just friends. Life has taken us miles apart, but we’ve never missed a beat! We still talk for hours and give it to each other straight when necessary. Her firstborn is my youngest godbaby and she’s Auntie Britt to Dillon. It’s always been real love between us and will forever be. I absolutely couldn’t have imagined this day without her.

Makayla Banks 


Makayla is Andrew’s oldest daughter. She’s pretty fresh out of high school, and has so many great things ahead of her. It is my hope that I’ll be able to guide and encourage her along the way. I am happy that she agreed to stand with me as I join my life together with her dad’s. It means a lot to know she’ll be standing in support of us on our big day.

Kourtny Banks


Kourtny is Andrew’s youngest daughter. She’s in high school now, and trying to navigate the maze that we know as teenage life. Though she’s not super talkative, it is my hope that she knows from this day forward, I am a resource for her. I'm here to listen and guide her the best way I know how. I am happy she agreed to stand with us as we take the first step in blending our families together forever.

Kenyatta Morton


Kenyatta is Andrew’s big sister. She is full of personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. When I first met her, Andrew told me she was a lot like his mom, so the fact that we got along was something that mattered to him. I appreciate her support as her baby brother and I commit our lives to one another and begin our journey to forever.

Patrice Lincoln


Patrice and I have probably known each other far longer than we even realize. Our younger selves were in the same places at the same times more than once. Because we can’t quite put a finger on it, we’ll just say she’s been around since about the age of 12 or 13. Patrice is one of the most loyal people I know. She’s the friend you can call anytime for anything and if she can help, she will. She holds me accountable and reminds me of my promises to God and myself whenever she sees me falling short. Whether it’s a mountain or a valley, I know she’ll be there. And if we ever need to bust a window, I know she’ll be there for that too! It only makes sense to have her stand with me as I journey into my next adventure as a wife. I wouldn’t want to do this day without her.

The Groomsmen

Damien Johnson

(Best Man)

You have been there since day one! You were Lion-O and I was Snarf. You were He-Man and I was Skeletor. Our lives were filled with memorable moments. I love you bro and I am glad you are here with me.

Rupert Gill Jr.


You have a big personality with an even bigger heart. I knew we were going to be lifelong friends the moment I asked you to watch Kourtny and you said yes without hesitation. I love how you are always willing to put others before yourself. I love you bro and thank you for all you have done. 

David Glenn


You guys have been there from 8th grade until now. We are open books with one another. There are very few things that we keep from one another. From our days of NEVER going to school and doing questionable things, to now becoming productive and successful adults. You guys are the few friends who actually knew my mom; that says a lot. I love you guys and thank you for continuing to be part of my life.

Jerrell Smith


You guys have been there from 8th grade until now. We are open books with one another. There are very few things that we keep from one another. From our days of NEVER going to school and doing questionable things, to now becoming productive and successful adults. You guys are the few friends who actually knew my mom; that says a lot. I love you guys and thank you for continuing to be part of my life.

Darrell Carson


My mother told you to make sure I was safe and I blew that all the way up!!! Our relationship extends far beyond recruiter and poolee.. Staff Sergeant and Corporal. We are brothers. I love you bro. 

Lamont Cooper Jr.


I am glad to call you brother. I wish I was as intelligent and ambitious in my younger years, as you are now. I absolutely believe there are plenty of things you could teach me. Thanks for accepting me and loving me as a brother. I love you man.

Garry Crouell-Yates


You are a cool dude with a fashion sense that leaves me awe struck. I wish at times I could dress like you. I know there are big things are in store for you, I just pray I could be in a place where I could just simply say, “I know that guy.” I love you bro, thank you.

Mark Williams


You were there for many life changing moments. You've been there when I needed you and you continue to do so. It’s amazing to see how great of a father you are to your children. My homie young money. I love you bro.

Jon Verduin


What can I say about you? We may not see things the same way but you keep me sharp. You're there when I need an ear just to listen, when I need a word to point me straight, and when my faith needs the occasional testing. You are there and I know in it all, the love is real. Thanks bro for all the walks 

through the grove. I love you bro.

Roy Jaquez


One of my most unlikely friends, but now I don’t know what life would be like without you. God Himself put us together and that is all I have to say about that. Thank you for being God’s voice in my life. I love you bro.

Cameron Lincoln

(Junior Groomsman)

My man Cam, too cool for school! Thank you for being a part of this day for me and your Godmother. Love you man.

Hotel Information

The hotel accommodations will be with the Sheraton Baltimore North (Towson) for guest looking to arrive the night before and the night of the wedding. You will find the information for your online reservation link below. If you have questions or need help with the link, please do not hesitate to ask the following contacts:

Stephanie Dalecki

Sheraton Baltimore North

903 Dulaney Valley Road

Towson, MD 21204