Located at Skyloft Studios in the Highlandtown Section of Baltimore, MD Branding mini sessions are the perfect starters for the business that needs images to get started. A branding mini session is a combination of our standard branding session in the studio & a headshot session. It's the best of both worlds for an amazing price.

Types of images clients typically receive from their your sessions

Images on textured background/backdrop

Image outside on our terrace/patio

Professional Headshot

Working Photo/ Photo using desk

Branding Mini Most Asked questions

What's included in a branding mini session?

A.Your session will include a 25 min session, 15 digital images (color corrected for use) & 2 retouches. You have option to purchase additional images and retouches after session.

Mini vs Private Session

A.Mini sessions are designed to give you enough to get started while private sessions give you more time for your session (1hr) in addition to added time to not feel rushed for your session. In addition to the number of images you will be able to have from the session.

Should I come dressed?

A.While you will have a private changing area, it is recommended you come dressed for your session to maxamize your time.

What's turn around time for my images

A.Your images will be returned to you 5-7 days after your session.

Edited vs Retouched, what is the difference?

A.A photo edit is when a photographer adjusts the color of an image to make it useable for the client. A retouch is when bumps & bruises are removed from the client.

What if one retouch isn't enough?

A.While one retouch is included in your session, you can purchase additional for $15 if its a face retouch & $25 for body shaping.

What's a raw image & can I have mine?

A.A raw image is an unedited picture file that a photographer takes. In order to view them, you need special software on your computer. We offer a separate package for clients who want to purchase their raws.