Welcome to YRN Photography, where we specialize in working with businesses to elevate their digital presence. Event headshots are very important to build individual branding and provide value to your attendees as well. One of the things many organizations overlook is the fact that many of the employees lack having a quality image. That is where we come in. We create a seamless process that allows for bulk individuals to receive quality headshot images that can be leveraged in multiple areas.

5 Reasons to book YRN for your event headshot

Our Passion: We are passionate about comprehending clients' needs and delivering quality content. We love to learn about our clients’ needs and how they plan on using them so that we can position your images to be best used.

Our System: We stand by and believe in having a system. Systems help everyone involved know what is happening and how it is best used. So, by creating a system, and checklist, you will know what the expectation of us is and share it with those involved in your organization.

Our Personality: People love us! We lead with customer service first. With that being said, we want to make sure that you absolutely enjoy our time with you. We will have everyone laughing and comfortable with their session. For the people who "don't take photos", by the end, they will be a photo pro!

Our Technology: So, we are big technology buffs. From tethering to the iPad to the mobile backdrop setup, we make sure that the technology we use makes the experience A+ so that you can get your images back fast and efficiently.

Our Quality: We take pride in delivering a quality product that you will be proud to display and share. We stand by the images that we produce and we know that you will be happy to show them off and display them.

What's included in event headshot sessions

  • One-look headshot session for each team member (2-5 minutes)
  • Standard headshots & poses, and expressions to choose from
  • Instant viewing and selection of images via iPad
  • three professionally edited, high-resolution images per attendee.
  • Private hi-resolution online gallery for delivery for team review and download 
  • Optional online appointment scheduler to make your headshot day go smoothly.
  • A business card for each attendee so that they can easily access their images after the session.

Types of images clients typically receive from their your sessions

Images on textured background/backdrop

Beautiful woman on orange backdrop

Professional Headshot

Gentleman professional headshot

Team Pricing

One Hour Sessions

  • Up to 15 people can shoot at this event. The session will take place on location after selecting one of the mobile backdrops.

Two Hour Sessions

  • Up to 25 people can shoot at this event. The session will take place on location after selecting one of the mobile backdrops.

Four Hour Sessions

  • Up to 40 people can shoot at this event. The session will take place on location after selecting one of the mobile backdrops.

Six Hour Sessions

  • Up to 100 people can shoot at this event. The session will take place on location after selecting one of the mobile backdrops.

What is the booking Process

Our Process – Simple, Efficient, and Enjoyable

  1. View Current Availability: We will ask for you to propose three dates that will work best for you and your organization. If you are ready to start step one, fill out this lead form.
  2. The Selection: Once we plan for the session, we will also sit down and select the backdrop that you prefer. While we can change digital backdrops in post, it is best that we get everything right in camera to ensure that their is consistency within the photo session. In addition to that, we will ask you to describe the room set up so that we know what equipment to pack and bring.
  3. The Photoshoot: Plan for each employee to arrive to the session 5-10 mins a head of schedule to ensure you are ready to shoot on time. Not that headshot sessions are short in nature so we will look to be efficient as possible so that people can go back to work.
  4. Selection and Editing: After the shoot, we'll help you select the best images. You will have the ability to select your designated number of images as noted any our package. From there, you will make a favorites folder to place you selected retouches (if purchased). Our professional editing will fine-tune your headshots to perfection so that you are ready to go.
  5. Delivery: You'll receive high-resolution images, ready to be used across all your professional platforms. Your gallery will remain active for up to 90 days. It is recommended that you place the images on a hard drive for your viewing pleasure even after the session date.

Backdrop Selection


Option 1


Option 2

Brick Wall

Option 3

Office Building

Option 4

Exec Panels

Option 5


Team headshot event Most Asked questions

What's included in a headshot session?

A.Your session will include a 20 min session, 15 images (color corrected for use) & 3 retouched.

Headshot vs Portrait

A.Headshot images are taken from the waist level up. So if you have special shoes, belt, pants that you want to show off, then a headshot session is not the right session. If you want to showcase more outfit, look for a portrait or a mini session to accomplish just that.

Can you help me with a make up artist

A.Yes, I have created a list of recommended make up artist to use for your session. Once you book your session, I will share with you the recommended lists so that you can schedule your session.

Should I come dressed?

A.While you will have a private changing area, it is recommended you come dressed for your session to maxamize your time.

What's turn around time for my images

A.Your images will be returned to you 3-5 days after your session.

Edited vs Retouched, what is the difference?

A.A photo edit is when a photographer adjusts the color of an image to make it useable for the client. A retouch is when bumps & bruises are removed from the client.

What if one retouch isn't enough?

A.While one retouch is included in your session, you can purchase additional for $15 if its a face retouch & $25 for body shaping.

Will you also shoot team photos if asked?

A.Absolutely! We will plan around the event to ensure we include time for team images. You will decide how the team will be broken up into groups so that we can make sure the images you desire are captured. We typically will include one group photo in any team shoot at no additional cost with additional groupings being billed at a pre-determined price at the time of booking.

Will you do headshots at events

A.Yes, headshot events for corporate members are possible. This will be billed at a time rate vs individual pricing to ensure transparency for both the client and us. You can follow this link to learn more about event headshot pricing.